The fastest way to send money to Nigeria Even Western Union or Money Gram would still subject people to some paperwork. The answer is not difficult. Use the fastest-paying exchanger. If you’re in Asia or Europe or Oceania or Latin America (or if you’ve someone there), they can be encouraged to
In order to enjoy the full benefits of Payeer, you would need to get verified/personalized. However, Payeer verification isn’t easy. They don’t accept voter’s cards and driver’s licenses as proofs of nationality. What they accept is a government-issued plastic ID card (like national ID card) or bes
What are the darkest secrets about airlines that passengers don't know? Nor really “dark”, but here are a few “secrets”… Where is the best place to sit on an airplane? It’s not over the wing… a common myth. The best place to sit for a smooth ride is as close to the front of the airplane as y
If I ignore this, I don’t know how many innocent victims would be sent to their early graves. Ignoring this message is like doing disservice to Nigeria as a country. Someone has been sending an unsolicited messages to several millions of Nigerians, to dupe them into their hard-earned income. Obv
What are the highest paid programming languages and areas? I know that It has been asked many times on quora and programming is not primarily about how much money you make, but I’d like to know what are the best career paths taking into account the salary and job opportunities. Answer: I think
No smoking. I regret until now that I’m almost 40 having started. I’m having huge problems quitting. No alcohol. I Regret having tried my first beer and have done terrible things which I terribly regret now! Stop thinking about women. Linked to point 2. I just wasted a LOT of time and my parents
Why do people quit their jobs at dream companies like Facebook or Google? I can only speak for my own decision to leave Google in 2010. It's a great company full of amazingly talented people with access to incredible resources. So why leave? Google was simply too big for me. I'd come fro
How do husbands remain faithful to their wives? I mean… over time their wives become uglier and less lovely. Why won't they be tempted to cheat on their wives? What makes them faithful? Answer: Instead of making it gender specific (husbands get ugly too, and less lovely) one way to think ab
2000 years ago is the time of the Romans. This era is famous for the following saying: Carpe Diem. This translates to “Seize the day” and is a good example of the Roman view on sleeping. Sleeping was viewed as not much more than a necessity. This is further evident from the cubicula, the small R
Where do criminals get their guns? A highly experienced official told me confidentially that criminals use guns that were given to them by political parties’ candidates during elections. After the elections, the hooligans continue to use the guns. Someone also told me that there are retired poli
Staying at the same job for 20 years; earning a modest 2% inflationary raise each year; having $2M vested in a 401K with max employer match. A benefit package with a low deductible insurance policy from Blue Cross Blue Shield. A pre-taxed health savings account; company preferred stock options; 5 pr
Why does every employer ask about my current salary during a job interview? Everytime I have a job interview or ask a friend about one of theirs, eventually the employer asks about current pay. This happens independently if I sent a CV or if they got in touch with me first. Why is that? Answer: J
Possible, yes.  Wise or advisable, absolutely not!  Tigers are dangerious wild animals.   They are incredibly expensive to feed and their predatory nature makes keeping one a huge civil liability.  Further, even a very large house doesn't give a tiger the roaming space i
BVN ALERT: Dear Customer, Your ACCOUNT/ATM Card has been Blocked, Due to Incomplete BVN Registration. Call our Customer Help line on 08165194095. The message above is what was received from scammers (exactly as it was received), and it has been sent to millions of Nigerians.  I wonder why thes
One of the frustrating things about being a trend follower is that it takes time to overcome the inertia of a new system, particularly if that system is based upon slightly longer time periods such as weekly data. Part of the frustration that traders encounter is based upon the simple mechanics of h