Taliban fighters dressed in military uniforms attacked an army base in northern Afghanistan, killing or wounding more than 100 soldiers, authorities said Saturday.  
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Credit: Mark Schafer/HBO People are Confused Over the Race Of  This 'Girl's' Finale Baby, Including His Mother The series finale of  'Girls' left people pondering "whose baby is that?" In a final scene, Lena Dunham's character apparently gives birth after getting knocked up by a Pakistani surf instructor, all in the same episode. The finale cuts to a scene where Lena is holding a brown baby, much darker than her and the actor who plays her co-parent, Riz Ahmed. So people asked out loud,' is tha
Katy Perry Pays Homage To Kardashian's In Blonde Braids Katy Perry just coined herself "Katy Kardashian" in her latest Instagram flick. The full-bosomed pop singer contributes her new locs to Kim's 2016 blonde braid look. She rocks a similar lace front and straight back plaits in the photo. Are you feeling it? https://instagram.com/p/BTKsgc7j5El/ She received lots of comments about her 'kaption' both negative and positive. Kim and Khloe stopped by her page to to drop off their adoration. htt
Beyoncé Shares New Pregnancy Pics And Reunites With Destiny’s Child From the looks of Beyoncé’s bulging baby bump, she appears ready to give birth to twins Blueprint 1 and Blueprint 2 and damn second now! Last night, Mrs. Carter (if you nasty) posted a few new photos on Instagram which may be the last photos we see of her before she goes into labor. In addition to the fly mommy fashion photos, there is also a pic of a Destiny’s Child reunion which promotes Kelly Rowland’s new book, Whoa, Baby!:
Hilarious Memes Of The Week Back at it again with more hilarious memes for your weekend funny. Peep all the best (and funniest) memes of the week on the flip. https://twitter.com/DeposterChild/status/855477008347877376 https://twitter.com/PhillyTheBoss/status/855459024589991937 https://twitter.com/Jennten_/status/855473796362506240 https://twitter.com/ImDontai/status/855475264033259520  
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Lawsuits: Aaron Hernandez’ Fiancée Sues Prison, Not Believing “Suicide” Story Aaron Hernandez’s fiancee is suing over prison suicide evidence according to TMZ. She wants to secure any evidence that would prove that her allegedly homicidal fiancee wasn’t suicidal. The mother of his daughter reportedly does not beleive he would take his own life in prison. Shayanna Jenkins has concerns that evidence from the ex-NFL’s star’s death could be discarded, so she’s suing the Department of Corrections. Aa
Young Thug Releases Music Video For “All The Time” Jeffrey is back with some new…interesting visuals. Young Thug has just released a music video for the song “All The Time”. In typical fashion, Thugger is colorful, polarizing, and provocative. Press play and check it out. You feeling it? Image via Getty/Instagram  
Oprah Winfrey Responds To Criticism That She’s Exploiting Henrietta Lacks Oprah Winfrey will not be bullied for her bucks. Her new film The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, is receiving backlash from the Lacks family, namely her son Lawrence, for allegedly exploiting his mother’s life. According to PageSix, Oprah is having NONE of it: “Do I think the Lacks family should have been paid for all of those cells by all the millions of drug companies in the world who have used those cells…of course t
Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott Are Dating? Kylie Jenner is moving right along from her ‘toxic’ Tyga bae-ship. The young Jenner sister subtracted herself from the Chyna-Tyga-Kardashian-Jenner equation a few weeks go. Sources say that Kylie was “sad” but, cordial when she spotted Tyga this past weekend at Coachella. The two ran into each other ‘awkwardly’ after Tyga was rejected from a VIP area. Kyga was bound to crash one of these days. Now Kylie is spotted by fans holding hands with another rappe